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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  March 11, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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>> everyone knows in republican politics, chachi is definitely in charge. ♪ happy national oatmeal waffle nut day. he swings for the fences. the bush and walker pitching duel in this morning's washington post. team bush tossed a high hard one at the governor. the same inning, perhaps feeling
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adrenaline, walker told him, "maybe we are the front runner." looking at the crystal ball, what is the future between bush and walker? >> both camps want to play down that they are at war. walker is trying to frame bush as old as yesterday and get to things like immigration. the bush people think walker will chase shiny objects, be too aggressive, and get himself in a problem going too far to the right like romney did in 2008. they believe that walker will stumble and he's not ready for prime time. they will look for opportunities to throw him off his game. >> when walker began his assent, there were a lot of people in elite circles that thought the same thing. i think there are still some people that are believing that.
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i think they will eventually maybe not directly, because it highlights weaknesses, but they will indirectly point out that he's not a hypocrite, which bush is not being. common core, that's where they will go after him. >> can't walker go after bush something not to his right, not based on being old and yesterday, but can he offer a principal difference in position, where he can say that he has got a smarter idea? better tax plan, better foreign policy. and the last thing is, do they say governor bush's business record or whatever? >> other than trying to say he is more conservative than jeb bush, he has the union thing. it's not just the "bush is old" thing. you saw the thing he did with
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the bio. i'm a working-class guy. i came up from nothing. he had everything handed him on a silver platter, a working-class populists thing. they will play that angle for sure over the coming months. >> both of these operations are looking at the other 15 people in the field. we are not fighting this. both candidates are watching the other one. they know it may come down to a two-person race. it is now time for the daily hillary clinton checkup. the washington post has been rolling its eyes at hillary clinton's press conference. the new york post calls her the leader of the free world. i get it. they were in deep synchronicity last night. >> hillary clinton made what was effectively the first major campaign appearance of her near certain 2016 bid. it was not the one she would've chosen. >> the former secretary of state
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managed to dodge nearly every question thrown her way. >> talking about her mother's funeral, chelsea's birth and marriage, focusing on something besides the questions. >> she pivots, distracts, and does it very well. >> here we go again. >> they believe they don't have to follow the same rules. >> it starts with what you know, when did you know it. >> richard nixon tried a similar tactic. she basically said, trust me. >> nothing work-related was held back or deleted improperly. >> 30,000 e-mails. >> gone. >> you can't allow this to happen at this level. you just can't. >> even hillary clinton's stronger defenders say things will be bad for her on this issue for a while. she should buy herself some space at the press conference. what are the most ominous signs? >> if you have a moment where
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people like this are singing from the same song book, it's possible the universe is about to explode. that is a bad thing. this is not a lead story now. most americans are not paying attention to this, but as we both know, how the media sees things matters in the early part of the campaign. right now, the world thinks that she is in trouble. that is bad for her. >> there are some big things depending on the legal front. the house committee subpoenaing her to testify and get the hard drives. i believe what she said, what we know she did, and with the coverage, the undercovered aspect of this is the failure to have the documents in place so that subpoenas will truly be
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fulfilled in an honest way. she was at best cavalier about that. i think of the farther will come back. did she do the responsible thing as opposed to the convenient thing? >> i agree with that. it looks hinky. maybe she would say of course this is true. there is no sympathy for her. blurred lines, the hit that we could knock it out of her heads, legally speaking is a ripoff. a jury says robin thicke and pharrell williams were guilty. they have to give it up and awarded marvin gaye's children more than $7 million in damages. we report, you decide, here's a brief mashup a book of songs. ♪
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>> this is not like the first time this has ever happened. sam smith was accused of plagiarizing tom petty's song to create his grammy award-winning song. there is this too close for comfort likeness, this between george harrison's classic, my sweet lord, and the chiffons, he is so fine. take a listen to this. ♪ >> other than the fact that i don't like being told george
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singing solo. george's song, here's the question. what is the line? between homage and theft? >> why do we have copyright laws? that jury's decision is ridiculous. there are 15 beach boys songs that are more closely associate with chuck berry than the connection between the marvin gaye song and blurred lines. i think the jury was ridiculous. that was crazy. >> the whole history of popular music is based on the blues, rhythm and blues, simple musical forms, all of it is stolen. we have to have copyright laws. without that type of borrowing we would not have popular music. on top of that, marvin gaye, 1977, 38 years, too long for copyright. that is too long for copyright. >> it is about melody. melody has control over everything else. that is the dumbest jury.
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>> bob dylan gave a great speech where he said that everything i have done has been ripped off by somebody. everyone has to share. >> coming up, every one of our hillary clinton questions will be answered by her former campaign manager. and, some target practice. right after this. ♪
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>> our guest is the only person more qualified than clinton 42 to analyze hillary rodham clinton. her former campaign manager joins us from our washington bureau. thank you for coming in. >> how are you? >> when did you get an e-mail from hillary clinton?
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>> oh, my god, an e-mail, i don't know. somewhere around 2010. >> 2010. >> i don't know. i deleted them. >> describe how she is as an e-mailer, quick, long, short. would you sometimes call her back instead? what are her practices? >> short and sweet. we did a lot of our stuff on the phone. she e-mailed short things. she is very good on the happy birthdays, happy mother's day, those kind of things. >> you went through a couple of campaigns with her, and i've seen her in various situations of stress. this one, she had various camps in her organization that wanted her to get on it earlier someone in her to do interviews.
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how does she think about those choices which he is confronted with a situation like this where she has tactical options on how to defuse it? how does she address that? >> you know, this is a person who likes to be prepared and do her homework. i personally would have liked to have seen her come out last week as opposed to yesterday, but i think this is somebody who likes to be prepared, and it was a busy week for her. she had a lot of other things going on, the 20th anniversary of her speech in beijing, the un's speech, but i think -- you know, knowing the way i know her, what delayed it for her was making sure she was prepared all the t's were cross and the i's dotted. >> she basically has a choice in this situation, where one group
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of advisor says, you should go do interviews, find a couple of tv reporters that are friendly let's go do that, or go stand in front of a giant scrum of reporters. those he her choices. how does she make a decision? which is more comfortable with? >> she likes to listen to all ideas come weigh the pros and cons and ultimately she relies on her gut. you hit the net on the head to what is she must comfortable with? she is the one who makes a decision. i think yesterday she did well. i thought she was poised. i thought she was -- she looked good good and she was measured. i thought she answered a lot more questions than i thought she was going to answer. i think she did a good job. she did what she needed to do. >> she has been through a lot with the press over the years. there have been articles talking
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about her extreme distrust of the media, how she thinks the media is unfair. these are not new things. when one says she does not really like the press, doesn't think the press treats her fairly, is that overstated, or is that how she feels? >> i think that is a little overstated. for instance, at the state department she got along well with the press. >> i'm talking about the political press. >> right. that is what i was getting too. when the press is covering her on the issues which she stands for, what her vision is, i think she gets along with them great. i think when they play "gotcha" and try to play up the political aspect of it, i think she is annoyed, as many of us do. >> i agree with you that she did all right yesterday, but she did not look like she was the happiest person in the world to be there. that was not the face of joy she had on. i think back to the 2008
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campaign, did -- can you think of an analogous situation? >> you are putting me on the spot. i'm trying to think. first of all, let me say i agree with you. that is not her favorite thing to do. i think she would have much preferred to talk about women and girls and the progress they've made in the last 20 years since her speech in beijing. that was not the case. i think the most analogous probably was when she first announced her candidacy in 2000, when we had press from all over. i think that's the most analogous. >> we have to go. after that, is your sense from
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watching her and knowing her, do you think she is relieved up to that press conference or still anxious? >> i think she did it. it is done. and we are moving on. i think that is what she is thinking. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> after the break, the fbi agent with a deadly weapon. by deadly weapon -- still, it will be awesome. we are back for that right after this. ♪
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>> i'm not your wife anymore. >> you are still my wife technically speaking.
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>> we are here with a man who appears in great tv and movies with frequency. his performances are always super. tonight, on the americans on fx, but right now we will have a little bit of fun. this is multifaceted. we have clips. we will talk to you a little bit more about your life. we are going to look at this clip from -- >> wait. we have to pay attention to that. >> first, we will look at you and a clip from the "truman show." let's roll that that. >> i'm thinking of getting out. >> out of what? >> out of my job. off this island. >> what's wrong with your job? you have the best job. >> you say that you would kill for a desk job. what is the closest thing you
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have ever had to a desk job? >> i cleaned carpets. i was also the manager of the carpet cleaning company. i was a ninth grader and my friend and i won a cleaning machine in a raffle, so my friend and i started a carpet cleaning compnay. i would attend i was working for my uncle, but it was really just us. >> did you pay taxes? >> of course. i have to go. >> here is your first test of skill. putting. you drive for show, but play for dough. just nail it. >> if you can get two out of these three things done, you win a "with all due respect" baseball cap. >> i wish i had more golf experience. >> and, you've got two more balls. nice and easy. >> let's not make it personal here. >> nice and easy.
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very impressive. >> i have to do another one? >> the next clip we watch is from "frequency." take a look. >> come on. >> [indiscernible] >> oh, my god. where did it go? thank you very much. >> that's a film about time travel. here is the question. if you could go backwards or forwards any time in history and meet anybody, who would it be? and when? >> wow. i would love to go back to
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ancient greece and maybe hang out with plato for a bit. it would be interesting. i like caves. i like philosophy. >> perfect choice. >> if i could go back in time, maybe i would go back to that movie and buy some yahoo! stock. i hope you have some nice questions, because i have a bat. >> be like ruth. there you go. see the ball. >> i need take two. >> you have one more. >> ok. >> into the rafters. >> into the lights. >> i have already won the hat. >> this clip from "the
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americans." you are a very smart guy. you are an fbi agent living next door to the people that you are trying to catch, and so far you have not caught on. on that show, you are constantly facing life or death situations. have you ever faced a life or death situation? >> i had a shotgun pointed to my head by a naked man in austin, texas. he thought i was breaking into his house. it was his brother's house. his brother said i could stay there.
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i was on tour with a singing group. >> this is a complicated story. were you in college? >> he came out of the house naked? >> he heard me trying to undo the air conditioner as i was instructed to do. i went running around to the front of the house and the door opened and there was a naked hung over, half asleep, drunken man with a shotgun who said, 'freeze.' now we all go hunting together. john will get down there and face him now. john will double home this. >> that will be your lead story on all future appearances. you are going to shoot john. now, you have got to double pump this. there you go. >> the perfect parallel for your story. >> shoot him now. get him. look at this.
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oh, my goodness. you hit him. you not only get the hat, you can come back anytime you want. >> with all due respect. thank you for joining us. directorial debut tonight on "the americans." that is on fx. you can find out on your cable system. what do rupert murdoch, johnny knoxville, and anthony scalia have in common? the answer will surprise you. ♪
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>> rupert murdoch, johnny knoxville, and anthony scalia. it is their birthday. our lawyers advise us not to sing "happy birthday" on the air. >> michele bachmann will play herself in "sharknado 3."
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up next is "taking stock." and on the radio radio, it's bloomberg law. sayonara ♪
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pimm: i'm pimm fox and this is what i'm taking stock of. the results from the second round of bank stress tests have been released. bank of america got a conditional pass and goldman sachs, chase, and morgan stanley cleared after revised proposals. billions in buybacks dividend increases have been announced since the reports were released. shake shack served up its first earnings report and they came in medium well. they beat revenue estimates but posted a greater quarterly loss than expected. shares are following in the after-hours trade.


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